2019 – Institute of Contemporary Art MECA

Drawing Now
on view from January 17 – March 22, 2019
Exhibition Opening: Friday, February 1, 2019, 5:00–8:00pm
Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art
ICA Gallery hours: Wed–Sun, 11:00am–5:00pm, Thurs, 11:00am–7:00pm, Friday, 11:00am–5:00pm, (FFAW until 8:00pm)

This exhibition is organized by the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art, Director of Exhibitions, Erin Hutton and co-curated by Bruce Brown and Munira Naqui.

Drawing Now celebrates the works by artists of the Drawing Collective and three guest artists. With its members hailing from eleven countries, the Drawing Collective’s objective is to maintain the development of an international aesthetic. The common denominator uniting these artists is the practice of drawing.

Descendants of Bauhaus, De Stijl, Réalities Nouvelles and Art Concret their works represent a contemporary continuum of research in the formal purity of abstraction. The core of the Drawing Collective lies in the inter-connectivity of artists separated by geographical, linguistic and cultural barriers. Devoted to the exploration of new strategies and methods, their works expand upon a rich intellectual and aesthetic history of abstract drawing.

Following Paris and Sydney, Drawing Now at the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine is the Drawing Collective’s first exhibition in the United States.

Bruce Brown and Munira Naqui, Guest Curators

© The Drawing Collective