2017 – Galerie Olivier Nouvellet Paris

Drawing Collective Paris 2017 showcases the works of the members of the Drawing Collective, an international group of artists from nine countries.
As we continue to explore the multiple forms of contemporary drawing in our individual practices, the Collective strives to expand with the inclusion of
artists with similar inclinations from a wider geographic reach.

We remain dedicated to our mission to form connections among artists across borders and cultural divides, always in search of the universal common ground through our work and interactions, the seed of unity.
We are deeply honored to be hosted this year by Galerie Olivier Nouvellet,
a gallery with a remarkable presence in the cultural center of Paris.
We thank Olivier Nouvellet, the director of the gallery and Christine Boiry, our member curator for their dedicated effort in bringing this show together.
I feel very honored to offer my deepest gratitude to our member artist Erdem Kucuk-Koroglu for his ongoing effort in designing and publishing our catalogs.
His generosity and untiring dedication was key in bringing this beautiful
catalog to life.
Last but not least I would like to thank the members of our collective and our guests for their enthusiastic participation.

Munira Naqui
The Drawing Collective
January, 2017

© The Drawing Collective